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It's Not You. 83% of Diets Fail.

Way is what you're missing...

Welcome to Way

We know that consistent mindfulness can turbo charge your diet and fitness goals, so we want to bring it to as many people as possible.


Few of us have access to the power of self-awareness that comes from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (which is scientifically proven to work), either because we don’t know about it, or because it costs a lot to learn it one-on-one from a practitioner. 


Way changes that by making this valuable tool available to anyone.


Way takes inspiration from the best practices of nutritional therapist dietitians who use a combination of mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help their clients get below the surface of their eating attitudes and routine, and into the THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS, HABITS and  BEHAVIORS that are driving their diet and wellness  outcomes.


So many habits and behaviors around food are unconscious and anchored in our past. Unpacking the past, reflecting and learning about how we unconsciously operate can create a space to change and grow as well as improve our ability to meet diet and wellness goals.

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