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Welcome - we're so glad you're here and excited we get to help you eat healthier and find your way of living and eating, so it lasts a lifetime.


First, to start you'll need to choose whether Self-Pacing through our mindfulness sessions is right for you, or whether you have a better chance of succeeding with a Dietitian Guide (Coach), who is an expert nutritionist that guides you through, every step of the way.  

Choose Your Way

Start with


Start with a Dietitian Guide:

  • Self-pacing starts with the "Basics" - "Relationship with Food" + "Finding Your Why"

  • Progress through the 20+ packs and 100+ Guided Sessions, moving through sections on "Your Mind", "Your Body", and "Your Food". 

  • Each pack of 5 sessions should take 5 days, or about one week (with a couple break days).

  • Get a Dietitian Guide if you feel like you need more direct guidance to get results more effectively and with more fun and learning along the way. 

  • Just tap the "Get My Dietitian Guide" button, at anytime.

  • Get full access to Self-Pacing for one month, included when you purchase Dietitian Guide.

  • First, your Guide will do a Ramp Up/Intro Session with you, to get you started with the right mindset for your goals.

  • You'll get Daily Touches/Nudges each day, to maximize the learnings from each Guided Session, and answer any lingering questions to help you reach your goals.

  • At the end of the pack, you'll do a Capstone Session with your Dietitian Guide, to encapsulate and capture all the great learnings, so you can get results faster. 

  • Each pack should take about 5 days or one week to complete with your Dietitian Guide, and generally includes one hour of total Dietitian time.

Free Trial

(Just Press Play):

We're here to help you and we want you to know exactly what you're getting before starting.


That's why we're giving you two free guided sessions, below, so you can get a feel for how te best of the best of our network of over 3,000 Dietitians believes you will make the best progress in finding the way of living and eating that's best for you, so it lasts a lifetime.

Each session is short, powerful, and easy to listen to - like a rush of cool water going over your mind. 

If you haven't signed up for Self-Pacing or a Dietitian Guide yet, make sure to sign up today! 

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