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Welcome to Way

Got a little extra weight? Maybe a lot of extra weight from staying inside so long?


Being stuck at home with no gym, fitness club or dance class, can really mess with the calories you burn.

Way is a set of self awareness tools, crafted by dietitians, that can help get you on track even from home.

Learn food-self-awareness and get so much better at feeding your body what it really needs!

Forge a totally new relationship with food.

Start Today.

Pricing Plans

We made 3 easy plans for you to choose from, because it's our mission and we want to give you the best options with the state of the world and economy right now.


None are subscription, so you don't have to worry about that pesky monthly charge.



One Month

Full Access to all 20 chapters - great for getting started. Not a subscription.



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6 Months

Full Access to all 20 chapters - great for getting the most value from the journey and committing to yourself. Not a subscription.



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12 months

Full Access to all 20 chapters - the best value and the best chance to make self-awareness a powerful part of your life. Not a subscription.



We help you make natural, lasting change through one of the most powerful tools anyone can use - self-awareness.


Awareness is the key component of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is clinically proven to create better results for eating healthier.

The self-awareness we help you create is through short, potent, guided sessions that you listen to, and then the nutrition professional narrating gives you a prompt to reflect on, you write or record your response, and start seeing how you naturally make good change.

We have created guided session in diverse parts of life that affect how you eat, like:

  • Relationship with Food

  • Finding Your Why

  • Self-Care

  • Being Present

  • Mindful Movement

  • Social Interactions

  • And over 20 total subjects... 

Here's an example :

How It Works

If you haven't signed up for full access to all guided sessions yet, make sure to sign up today! 

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