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How It Works:

We believe that self-awareness can turbocharge diet and fitness goals, so we want to bring it to as many people as possible. In just 10 minutes a day with Way you will start to feel so much more confident and clear about what you eat.

  • Once you have signed up for Way, you'll first be directed into the "Way - Home", where you'll learn how to create a safe space for you to listen to the guided sessions.

  • Then, you'll start with the 'Basics' - two simple chapters that make becoming aware of what you're eating easy. 

  • These guided sessions were created by a new generation of Registered Dietitians - the first two chapters are titled  'Relationship with Food' and 'Finding Your Why'.

  • At the end of each guided session, the Dietitian narrating will give you a prompt, that you'll answer by either writing or recording your response. This is what creates the powerful reflection and self-awareness.

  • We walk you into those first sessions, share examples of how other users have reflected and responded to the prompts. These prompts help you find the meaningful parts of your daily life that you need in order to naturally make change.

  • Here's an example of what a guided session looks like: 

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