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 Build Your Practice.

  And, a Movement.

Our country is in crisis - with health measures getting worse, not better. Anybody who understands the human body would agree that healthy eating is the best and most sustainable way to ignite a significant health impact.  And yet, consumers lack access to a source they can truly trust, to cut through the misinformation and noise that exists in our world today. We need big change, fast - and YOU are who this country needs.
The education and training you earn as a dietitian makes you one of the best nutrition experts in our society. However, for most RDs, you finish the schooling, internships and pass the exam, and then you just have to "figure it out". While we know more than half of you want to have your own practice, the tools and support to get clients simply aren't there - renting an office and overhead are expensive, and getting clients to hire you under the prevailing structure is not easy. 

That’s where MealShare can help. We’ve created a collaborative community with successful RDs who have been through the trials of starting their own private practice.  With their shared expertise and experience, this vested network of trusted dietitians can help guide you thru the necessary steps to find, engage, and retain clients. 


MealShare supports RD’s by:

  • Creating an open learning environment related to building a private practice

  • Offering a resource library of MasterClasses, Webinars, & other related content

  • Providing a simple, photo-sharing app where Clients just snap pictures, no ingredient by ingredient logging - no more scattered email or text images


And, the best part…


As the community of dietitians using MealShare grows, we'll have a vast network of trusted health experts that can support the public demand for effective nutrition advice. As this happens, MealShare will activate our app in the consumer market.  With use by the public, the exclusive community of MealShare Pros will be able to then use the platform to gain access to a passive client flow - making getting new clients as easy as logging into your home screen in the app.  

 The MealShare Team

 Claire McDaniel, RDN

Founding Pro - Pro Success

 Alyssa Neill, RDN

Founding Pro - Social Media

 Rebecca Lewis, RDN

Founding Pro - Marketing

 Liz Patton, RDN

Founding Pro 

 Sonya Angelone, RDN


 Alex Aldeborgh, RDN


 Stephanie May, RDN

Founding Pro

 Liz Riesen, RDN

Founding Pro

 Bentley Adams


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